Articles and tips about solar heating for pools

Everything you need to know about Solar Heating for pools

Here comes the sun! Our motto is simple: Why pay more? And why use your pool, which nurtures both your body and mind, only in the summer months? Our i...

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The differences between solar heating for domestic use (showers, cooking) and solar pool heating

The solar water heater (also known as flat plate collector) can be found in many households around the world. It is responsible for heating the water ...

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The importance of using a pool cover

In recent years the pool cover has become an essential part of pool maintenance and operation. Amongst some of its advantages are safety, water evapor...

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How to reduce energy expenses by installing solar pool heating collectors

Every pool owner knows that next to the many advantages of owning a pool there are many worries that have to do with its operation and the cost of mai...

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Heating Hydrotherapy pool – Sha’ar Ha-negev

The therapeutic traits of water have been renowned since ancient times. Since then, an abundant of treatments have been developed which all involve wa...

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What should be considered when installing a solar pool heating system?

You made the right decision! To heat your private swimming pool with a solar system. Heating the pool using solar energy is the most efficient, eco-fr...

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How is it that our solar collectors can withstand extreme weather conditions?

Tens of thousands of Magen eco-Energy’s solar collectors are installed around the world and have a proven life span of over 25 years. This inclu...

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Own an Above Ground pool? Great! SunSmile – solar heating collector was designed specifically to heat your pool.

Sunsmile will extend the swim season and enable you to enjoy warmer water for free. You researched, checked, compared and eventually decided to pamper...

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Everything you need to know about our solar collectors

Magen eco-Energy’s solar collectors offer an effective heating solution for residential or commercial swimming pools. The solar collectors absor...

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Commercial pool winter heating expenses

The cold season has arrived, commercial pools are beginning to experience the burden of operational and energy consumption costs. This is exactly the ...

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