Swimming pool maintenance: Tips and Articles by experts

Keeping Our Children Safe at Swimming Pools This Summer:

The Guide to Safe Fun in the Sun The long-awaited summer vacation has finally arrived, and swimming pools are turning into the ultimate playground for...

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Is Your Swimming Pool Safe from Coronavirus?

The excitement around public swimming pools in the height of Covid-19 focuses less on water quality but rather the increased risk of infection involve...

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Dying to jump in but allergic to liquid chlorine?

The advantages of sanitizing the pool with salt are numerous. Next to important benefits such as effectiveness and savings one aspect is the vital of ...

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Creating a safe swimming environment for the entire family

Own a pool in your own backyard? By now, you must be aware that hand in hand with the joy it provides come many worries and concerns. At the top of th...

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The importance of pH sensor calibration

Experienced pool owners will testify that switching from liquid chlorine/chlorine capsules to salt based chlorinators is life changing. Sanitizing the...

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Guidelines for clean, balanced pool water

Spring brings with it a sense of growth and renewal. Ambient temperatures are slowly rising and the main summer attraction, the pool, is patiently wai...

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The differences between our various chlorinator models

Disinfecting the pool with salt is an efficient, comfortable, cost effective sanitizing method that has been used for many years mainly in Australia, ...

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The role of the flow switch

Magen eco-Energy designed a special flow switch for its salt systems. This flow switch must be installed as part of all of Magen eco-Energy’s sy...

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The function, role and operation of the electrolysis cell

The electrolysis cell’s (electrode) role is to decompose the salt in the water to hypochlorous acid (HCIO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO). The ...

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Everything that you need to know about a dosing acid pump

The dosing acid pump has dual function: first and foremost, when required, it infuses acid into the pipeline to balance the pH levels in the pool. The...

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