Marine Aquaculture

Heat exchangers for heating and cooling aquaculture water ponds

Pool salt treatment


Effectively heats large quantities of water to the desired temp.

salt water chlorinator


Each individual pond can have the proper conditions. No risk of disease transfer between ponds

solar pool heating


No risk of dangerous chemicals or rust discharge

salt water pool chlorinators


Beautifully integrates with/into any existing pond

Salt chlorinator systems


Regulation of water temp. maintains uniform and accurate conditions for each individual pond/species

Creating an optimal environment demands that the natural conditions be replicated together with highly advanced temperature control. The immersion of Magen eco-Energy’s Polypropylene heat exchangers into the cultivating pond is the ideal solution.

Available in:
Length 2.31m (8′), 2.92m (10′), 3.23n (10.5′) or 3.85m (12.5′)
Width – at intervals of 30 cm (1′) ~30/60/90cm


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solar thermal panels