Industrial heat exchangers

Magen eco-Energy manufactures and develops highly specialized, innovative polymer heat exchangers for extreme corrosive applications.

These plastic heat exchangers are designed and built to operate for long periods of time in corrosive environments of inorganic acids, brines and alkaline fluids in the metal finishing, semi-conductor, chemical and agricultural industries.

Magen eco-Energy’s industrial Heat Exchangers are assembled and distributed globally by its’ subsidiaries:

Calorplast is a renowned brand throughout the business world of specialty heat exchangers for over 30 years. To watch a short movie about the Heat Exchangers manufactured by Calorplast press here.

The unique combination of Magen’s Over-Molding Injection Technology and the modular structure of the heat exchangers guarantee a seamless homogenous unit which has earned Magen and Calorplast their reputation as world leaders in heating and cooling of acids and acid fumes.

Over the years, Magen and Calorplast have developed a full range of polymer heat exchangers such as:

Immersion type– for heating and cooling of corrosive electrolytes baths in electroplating, electro finishing and metal surface finishing industries.

Cross flow type – for a liquid to liquid heat transfer in the chemical and process industry where corrosion resistance is a key benefit.

Gas-Water type – for heating, cooling and condensing of contaminated and corrosive fluid gas and air exhausts which comes from metal coating manufacturing facilities, semicon plants, laboratories, agriculture, bio-gas plants and more.

Each unit if fully customized according to the customer specific application and needs and manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 standards and tested according to the EU directives relating to pressure equipment (97/23/EC).

A range of industrial facilities are faced with a similar problem of heat transfer between various harsh chemicals and polluted medias that are used in their industry. Metal, stainless steel, titanium and other materials that are normally used for such purposes cannot withstand the aggressive nature of the substances used in the biogas, chemical and metal industries amongst others.

Magen eco-Energy and Calorplast have the perfect solutions for this complex problem – industrial heat exchangers made of Polymer material. The Polymer material is more resistant than Titanium, and Stainless Steels to deterioration in various corrosive industrial applications. With 40 years of experience in manufacturing, designing and developing a variety of Polymer based products for numerous types of heat exchangers; Magen and Calorplast have the optimal solution.

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