Root zone heating system for greenhouses

Salt chlorinator systems

Controlled temperature

Constant & controlled temp. throughout the root zone

pool heating systems


Flexibility and simple assembly and dismantling

solar pool heating


Resistant to corrosion, scale & fertilizers

solar water heating system


Safe and economical positioning of all types of growing trays

salt water pool maintenance


Can withstand pressure of up to 4 bar (60 PSI) at 60°C

solar pool heating


Easy cleaning and sanitizing

A homogeneous mat of sleek Polypropylene panels, comprising of numerous tubes seamlessly joined together by a patented Over-Molding injection technology is installed at the base of the growing units. Hot water running through the tubes yield a uniform heat at the selected medium temperature that speeds up the growing processes.

Available in:
Length 2.31m (8′), 2.92m (10′), 3.23n (10.5′) or 3.85m (12.5′)
Width – at intervals of 30 cm (1′) ~30/60/90cm

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solar thermal panels