Reselience D plus

Resilience D Plus – Hands free pool sanitation system

pool chlorinator - Resilience D Plus

Sit back and relax! Enjoy hands free pool sanitation.

Your pool is your background retreat and oasis but how do you sanitize it? With natural salt chlorination, it can effortlessly be turned into a pampering spa-like experience with crystal clear water that is smooth and silky. You will truly be able to see and feel the difference.

Salt chlorination is the most convenient and safe way to keep your pool clean. It provides the same sanitation performance as liquid or granular chlorine without the familiar disadvantages: dry itchy skin, red irritated eyes and sharp odors. As water and dissolved salt flow through the chlorinator’s cell salt is converted through electrolysis process into chlorine. Chlorinated water is returned to the pool eliminating organic matters in the water. Once the sanitation process is completed, it reverts back to salt and the cycle automatically is repeated.

With Resilience D Plus salt chlorine generator you can simply define the pH and Chlorine levels you require and let it analyze, monitor and control them for you. Resilience D Plus will continuously be on the watch, making sure pool water is clean and clear, providing you with the time to enjoy it and the peace of mind to sit back and relax.

Resilience D Plus is a fully automatic salt based sanitizing system that constantly monitors and controls pool water quality. It is suitable for “heavy” pool users that wish to enjoy the pool more than to maintain it. Pool owners seeking the peace of mind they earned and deserve. With easy to define pH and ORP set points, self-cleaning cell, Turbo mode and no manual pool maintenance to perform, Resilience D Plus will ensure water is super safe and super clean for you comfort and safety.

Resilience D Plus was designed to produce chlorine at ultimate precision levels. With multi season protection mode it will ensure water quality is at its best and reduce chemical usage to minimum. This digital chlorine generator is fully automatic sanitizing system the monitors, controls and balances pool water independently, no manual pool maintenance required.

Resilience D Plus includes all peripheral equipment required for it to operate independently: Dosing acid pump, pH and ORP sensors. These enable the device to constantly monitor the pool water pH and Chlorine levels and determine if action is required. On demand chlorine production allows the device to operate only when needed. Hands free sanitation has never been so accessible.

Your Resilience D Plus can now be controlled from the comfort of your cell phone via Bluetooth communication. Install MyPool to check water temperatures, receive real-time alerts and notifications if action is needed, turn on Turbo mode or adjust set-points from the comfort of you pool side lounge chair. Pool maintenance has never been this easy!

Unique Features

salt water pool maintenance


Fully automatic sanitizing system

salt water pool maintenance

Maintenance free

Self-cleaning and Turbo mode included

water chlorinators

Peace of mind

Ongoing monitoring and control of water quality

salt water pool chlorinators


Ultimate precision of chlorine production

Salt chlorinator systems


Adjustable set point of pH and ORP levels

Salt chlorinator systems


Multi season protection mode

Choosing the correct cell model for your pools size:

Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
18k / 50m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
40k / 80m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
60k / 150m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)

*In order to choose the most suitable model in the event of heightened chlorine demands (such as warmer climates, high bathers load, etc.), refer to the recommended values of a larger pool size.

Resilience D Plus is certified by:

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