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Operating a pool open year round is a costly business. Energy and maintenance bills are an integral and costly part of any public pool especially when the pool is open year round. With Magen eco-Energy’s solar pool heating system you can shrink the burdens of energy bills as well as expand the organization’s green agenda. Certified by all major international standards, Magen’s pool collectors have become the leading choice for thousands of indoor and outdoor commercial pool operators worldwide.

Aquatic and sport centers, hotels and universities offer communities around them various services and amenities that usually include an indoor pool. In many centers there are multiple pools, each with its own controlled temperature and purpose. These centers provide an essential community service, attracting members from all age groups to exercise, socialize and spend time with family, friends and peers. However, operating such a facility naturally involves high energy consumption and bills.

Solar pool heating systems use both direct and diffuse solar radiation. Since solar radiation is abundant worldwide, it’s a shame (some would go as far as saying “a waste”) not to utilize it for our benefit, significantly reducing our energy bills and contributing to protecting our world by reducing our carbon footprint and by lowering our fossil fuel consumption. Even if you don’t live in a climate that is warm and sunny most of the time, your facility is most likely to have an adequate energy for an efficient use of a solar pool heating system. If the building has exposed, unshaded areas it is a good candidate for a solar pool heating system. Invest in a solar pool heating for your facility today and begin the energy savings from tomorrow!

  • Sport City De Polanco

    Pool size: 350m2
    Heating system: Heliocol®
    Number of solar panels: 140
  • Technologico De Monterrey

    Pool size: 1250
    Heating system: Heliocol®
    Number of solar panels: 550
  • Sport City, Mexico

    Pool size: 350m2
    Heating system: Heliocol®
    Number of solar panels: 130
  • Centro Libanes, Mexico

    Pool size: 1600m2
    Heating system: Heliocol®
    Number of solar panels: 780
  • Gloria center,Turkey

    Pool size: 3850m2
    Heating system: eco-Spark®
    Number of solar panels: 494
  • Atlanta Olympic pool, USA

    Pool size: 1250 m2
    Heating system: Heliocol®
    Number of solar panels: 272

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