Above ground pools Solar heating solutions

Solar heating for your above ground pool will help your family enjoy it more than ever.

MAGEN-The largest international manufacturer of solar pool heating solutions

solar water heating system

No special tools required

solar water heating system

Designed to connect to your existing pool

solar pool heating

Safe and simple to operate year after year

Above ground pool heating systems

The benefits for using Magen eco-Energy’s technologies

We all love our refreshing pools during Summer. However, what about in the Spring and Autumn when water is too cold even though the weather is nice?

What a heart-drenching experience it is to buy an above-ground pool for our family to enjoy and find out water is too cold and it is not used as expected. A solar pool heating system means you can enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures for much more of the year. Your swim season is guaranteed to be extended, in some regions even doubled. Apart from the initial investment it does not carry any operating costs nor require any maintenance.

A solar pool heating system can allow you to use your pool much longer than peak summer months at a fraction of the cost of an electric heater or heat pump. Solar pool heating is the obvious choice especially for those working around a tight budget.

Above ground pool heating systems – the benefits for using Magen eco-Energy’s technologies

Our compact, easy to install solar heating collectors are designed specifically for above ground pools. In a few minutes, with no special tools, no additional expenses and no maintenance you can connect your pool to the collector and let the sun do the rest.

Be sure to choose the heater that best matches your pool size. Check the dimension chart to size properly. SunSmile is modular, enabling to add units if additional heating is required so you are able to begin with an individual unit and add as needed however, this could be avoided if sizing is done according to the information provided.

Our above-ground solar collectors are designed as DIY panels. Both come with coherent instructions and all parts and fittings required. They are simple to install and easy to operate. Installation does not require any specials tools and is designed for the non-handy homeowner. Both collectors are compatible with any type of pool.

SunSmile is big and requires unshaded space around the pool, but after being drained during winter can be left outside. Our collectors are manufactured using fully automated manufacturing processes that are constantly scrutinized to maintain the highest quality levels.

Like all our solar pool heaters, SunSmile offer homeowners the option to enjoy a comfortably warm pool heated in an environmentally friendly manner. Purchase your very own compact, plug & Play, DIY solar pool heating collector.

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