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Upgrade your pool maintenance game with a simple, easy to install and operate salt system and pool automation system that does more while requiring you to do less.

Integrating a sleek and seamless pool automation platform with all the Magen eco-Energy salt electrolysis features you already know and love, ‘resilience G’ is the smart and simple solution for pool owners and operators of all types. 

Continuous Connectivity

Stay connected to the My-Pool app at all times via WiFi / Bluetooth / external LAN

in-line G Unit

Compact and easy to install and maintain, integrated electrolysis cartridge. pH, ORP, water temperature and Salinity sensors as well as an acid injection inlet and bi-directional flow.

Smart Control Station

Two features in one smart control station that (1) controls and regulates pool water and (2) automates control over all your pool equipment, via the My-Pool app.

MyPool App

An intuitive interface designed to suit all types of pool managers. Now, you can control your pool environment, anytime and from anywhere.

All-in-One in-line, integrated electrolysis cell

The compact, innovatively designed automatic pool monitoring, water treatment  and acid injection system that eliminates the need for multiple installations and maintenance calls. Easy to install. 

Saves you time and space, while ensuring clean and safe water, for enjoyable swimming experiences.

1 Electrolysis Cartridge

1 Patented replaceable electrolysis cartridge

2 Bi-directional flow sensor

3 Built in salinity and water temperature sensors

4 Gas protection sensor

5 Designed to work with variable speed pumps

2 Smart G Unit

1 Continuous measurement of pH and ORP

2 Independent siphonic chamber for precise chlorine measurement:
- Directly tests the pool water
- Probes always remain in the water

3 Easy to clean the chamber

4 Transparent cel

3 Built-in acid injection

1 Continuous measurement and control of pH & ORP

2 Patent pending built-in acid injection Self-cleaning mode ​

Cell Models

G 12

Maximum pool size in cub. mtrs*
Above than 26 °C: 40
Above than 26 °C: 50

Chlorine Output g/h: 12

G 18

Maximum pool size in cub. mtrs*
Above than 26 °C: 50
Above than 26 °C: 60

Chlorine Output g/h: 14

G 40

Maximum pool size in cub. mtrs*
Above than 26 °C: 80
Above than 26 °C: 120

Chlorine Output g/h: 25

G 60

Maximum pool size in cub. mtrs*
Above than 26 °C: 120
Above than 26 °C: 150

Chlorine Output g/h: 36

  • Maximum pool size is subject to using Cyanuric acid to balance the pool’s water.
  • Suitable for private pools!
  • For specialty pools (overflow pools, lap pools, hydrotherapy pools, public/commercial pools) and for pools with higher chlorine requirements (in warmer climates, for higher bather loads, etc.), it is recommended that you choose a larger model.

Salt Electrolysis and Pool Automation Smart Control Station

The most advanced, innovative and robust control system.
The Smart Control Station leverages an intuitive and user-friendly structure, to automatically and precisely analyze and regulate the pool water, while also controlling the pool environment via the My-Pool app.

1 Simply Smart Display

1 Three led touch buttons opperation

2 Status indicator LED ring

3 Accessible service panel

2 Features

1 Connect via WI-FI/Bluetooth/external LAN

2 pH and ORP control system

3 Pool cover mode

4 Operates with a peristaltic / diaphragm dosing pump

5 Working salinity range - 1,500-7,000 ppm

6 Maximum chlorine production accuracy (5%)

7 Automatic winter protection

8 Working salinity range - 1,500-7,000 ppm

9 Sealed and splash-proof

10 Acid level tank indicator

11 Lightweight (under 2kg/3.8 lbs)

3 Automation

1 Four outlets connecting to pump, lighting, waterfall and other features

2 Two AUX outputs

3 Filter pressure sensor

My-Pool App

Gain complete control over your pool environment, at anytime and from anywhere. Understand the status of your pool and its environment, and stay on top of its ongoing maintenance and repair needs – no technical knowledge required!
The app’s intuitive interface operates as a red-yellow-and-green stoplight method, enabling you to better understand the status of the pool.

Download on the

App Store


Google Play

Ideal for all types of pool managers!

For Pool Owners

The app's user-friendly interface allows you to get up-to-date information on the status of your pool with no need of technical experience, whatsoever!

For Pool Installers / Maintenance Workers

Perform troubleshooting and diagnostic testing in the palm of your hand, with a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows you to up your game and simultaneously manage multiple pools.

For Pool Management Companies

Enables the simultaneous management of thousands of pools, empowering pool management companies to prioritize maintenance and repairs.

1 Control multiple pools

2 Enables remote management

3 View all pool parameters on a single dashboard

4 User-friendly, minimalistic interface

5 Operation alerts and warning notifications

6 3-month data history on pH, ORP, temperature, salinity etc., stored in the cloud

7 Mobile app and cloud control and monitoring capabilities

8 Enables data and pool management sharing via a link

9 Available in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew

10 Remote software updates

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