Salt generators for Above ground pools

Natural, safe and economical! A salt chlorinator for your pool has never been so affordable

For most of us our above ground swimming pool is considered the ultimate refreshment: it cools us during hot summer days, provides quality time for the family and offers entertainment and exercise.

Due to its oxidation attributes Chlorine is the most popular sanitation substance available. However liquid or granular chlorine do carry with them unpleasant side effects such as red irritated eyes, itchy dry skin, faded bathing suits and sharp chlorine odors. But there is a solution to effectively sanitize pool water while eliminating these side effects: The Chlorine generator.

The Chlorine generator (sometimes referred to simply as “chlorinator”) is an electrical device that turns a small concentration of salt in the water, via a controlled electrolysis process, into active chlorine that disinfects the water. Once the sanitation process is completed, the chlorine reverts back to dissolved salt and the cycle repeats itself.
Sanitizing pool water with a chlorinator has a few advantages compared to liquid chlorine: no need to handle hazardous solutions. The chlorinator is completely safe and the side effects of using liquid chlorine are nonexistent. The risk of coming in direct contact with the chlorine is eliminated. The chlorinator does not require constant maintenance except cleaning the cell from scale build up. The device is turned on and left to complete its chores. The chlorinator is responsible to clean and sanitize the pool while consuming very little electricity.

The benefit of using Magen eco-Energy’s natural salt chlorinators for above ground pools

Magen eco-Energy’s “plug and play” salt-chlorinators are designed for above ground pools. These simple salt systems convert salt or minerals into free chlorine to purify the water while eliminating the negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine. This affordable simple to install chlorinator will continuously sanitize your pool water and ensure silky soft water and more time to enjoy it. With a durable UV resistant thermoplastic design and self-cleaning cell, it is easy to operate and maintain.

water chlorinators


Forget about chlorine tablets and manual pool balance

salt water chlorinator


No need to store and transport chlorine

salt water pool


Create healthier, cleaner water – no red eyes, itchy skin and strong odors

salt water pool chlorinators


Elegantly integrates with any pool design

salt water pool maintenance


No risk of contamination or chlorine overdose

saline swimming pool


Plug in and let the system sanitize your pool


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