Resilience swimming pools chlorinators

Resilience D – Digital, multifunctional salt chlorinators for pools

swimming pool chlorinator

Salt chlorinators produce natural chlorine by applying low voltage electrical current to the pool water. The salt in the water is converted to free chlorine that kills organic matters in the pool without the common side effects that are associated with liquid or granular chlorine. These include: Itchy, dry skin, burning, red eyes and chlorine odors. This method is the most economical, safe and non-toxic pool sanitation available.

Magen eco-Energy has been manufacturing natural salt generators for over 15 years. Resilience D is a sophisticated digital chlorinator that is most suitable for moderate pool users who are looking to reduce their dependence of service companies and individual pool service providers. This device is perfect for budget oriented customers who are considering the option of upgrading to an advance model in the future since the Resilience D can be purchased as a basic unit that can later have elements and features added to it. The chlorinator presents data on a digital LCD display where it showcases the salinity levels, the chlorine output, its warnings and alerts. Turbo mode is button activated for up to 72 hours of super chlorination production.

Resilience D is designed to accurately produce the chlorine levels it was programmed to and alert if the levels are out of its defined range. The chlorine generated by the device automatically varies when it senses pool cover is open or closed. The device is splash proof and sealed so it is suitable for outdoor or indoor installations. The chlorinator comes in three models fitting various pool sizes.

Additional add on features:

Dosing acid pump – A dosing acid pump can be added to the device and eliminate the need to manually add acid to the pool in order to reduce pH levels. Resilience D can be set to infuse pre-determined amounts of acid to the water as well clean the electrolysis cell.

pH & ORP sensors – For automatic autonomous control the sensors must be added to the device. This in fact transforms the device into Resilience D Plus model – hands free sanitation of the swimming pool. From this moment (given the dosing acid pump is already installed) the device operates automatically, monitoring and controlling chlorine and pH levels in the pool.

MyPool app to control the device via Bluetooth communication – Want to sit back and control the chlorinator from your mobile device? Install the Bluetooth add on and use MyPool to control Resilience D and Resilience D Plus from the pool side.

Unique Features

Salt chlorinator systems


Automatic salinity readings and out of range alerts

salt water swimming pools chlorinators


Ready for future add-ons and upgrade options

salt water pool chlorinators


Maximum accuracy of chlorine production

swimming pool chlorinator


Totally sealed and splash proof

saline swimming pool


Large backlit digital LCD display

Salt chlorinator systems


Built in Summer and Winter protection modes

Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
18k / 50m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
40k / 80m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
60k / 150m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)

Resilience D is certified by:

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  • certification-4
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