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Salt Calculator

For proper sanitation of pool water using a salt chlorinator, it is extremely important that the salt parts per million (PPM) be kept as close to the system recommendations as possible: 3000-4500 ppm. Operating a chlorine generator outside the recommended salt PPM can result in poor chlorine production or in some cases even damage to the chlorine generator itself.

Before adding the salt the pool water volume must be calculated:

***volume calculator (gallons) | Volume calculator (cubic liters)

In order to properly calculate the amount of salt needed to add to your pool, first choose the right units for your region

Volume of your swimmimg pool 0m3 gallons

*In new pools, or pools that salt sanitation is new to them the rule of thumb is adding 4 kg [9 pounds] of salt for every cubic meter [gallon] of water.

In pools that salt sanitation was used the salinity levels in the pool should be tested with a stick. The pool volume and value on the stick should be fed to the calculator. After calculation the salt quantity that needs to be added to the pool will be presented.

***salt calculator (lbs) | Salt calculator (kg)

m3 gallons
ppm Calculate

* The calculation is for a level of 4000ppm

0kg lbs (equal to - 0 bag of 25kg) of 40lbs)

Have a healthy and pleasant swim.

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