Solar pre-heating solutions

for sanitary water

Solar unglazed collectors have been proven to be the most cost effective method to heat the water (showers, kitchen, and laundry) of large public facilities

MAGEN-The largest international manufacturer of solar pool heating solutions

solar thermal panels

Quick ROI

Faster than any other solar solution

water chlorinators

High capacities

Designed to work at high water capacities

pool heating

High durability

Resistant to chemical substances, corrosion, lime-scale and mineral buildup

More than 50% of water heating energy is consumed by heating water from pipeline temperatures to 50°C (122°F).

Using the sun’s free energy, Magen’s collectors can do the same at zero running costs.

Install a Pre-Heating system today to heat the water using free solar energy before activating your existing gas or electric heater. Drastically reduce heating expenses and save 30%-60% in fuel consumption.

With hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, Magen eco-Energy’s Pre-heating systems offer the fastest ROI, compared with other renewable energy systems. Using our Pre-Heating system will contribute to major savings and to the global effort to preserve the limited energy resources we have on our planet.

Magen eco-Energy has created cutting edge, solar thermal energy solutions for massive industrial installations and sanitary hot water supply. Custom designed for each specific client, our economical environmental, and all-encompassing pre-heating systems drastically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, and represent a breakthrough in environmental recovery.

The solar thermal world is rapidly evolving, as the consumption of fossil fuels and gas prices increase in parallel to global climate changes. Magen eco-Energy is committed to meet the world’s energy needs in an environmentally responsible way.

Why is solar thermal energy the optimal alternative?

Contrary to oil and gas, clean and safe solar energy is inexhaustible. And as the market demand for solar collectors grows, the price of solar energy decreases. The use of solar thermal energy results in a significant reduction of heating expenses which leads to substantial savings. Solar thermal is an investment in the world’s future, in our future!

Solar energy decreases greenhouse gases and pollutions. It conserved finite natural resources, saves money and maintenance through minimal water costs and virtually no maintenance expenses over the life of the product. Solar energy is just as vital as the air we breathe. We must protect what is left of our planet resources. We must use sustainable energy any time we possibly can to preserve the limited resources we still have on our world.

Our Polymer Solar Thermal Pre-Heating systems provides an effective and economical solution for pre-heating of sanitary water for resorts, hotels, hospitals, sport clubs, commercial swimming pools, fish hatcheries and farms and other industrial and aquaculture processes. The Polymer used to manufacture our collectors is highly resistant to chemical substances and is impervious to corrosion, lime and mineral scaling. The collectors are designed to endure ultra-violet radiation, extreme winds and other harsh weather conditions for years to come. This is why our systems are backed up by 10 years warranty and are known to last for over 25 years.

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solar thermal panels