About Magen eco-Energy

Established in 1973, Magen eco Energy is a privately-held company owned by Kibbutz Magen, Israel. Over the years Magen eco-Energy has grown into a world leader, specializing in the R&D, production, and marketing of ecological, economical solutions for swimming pool heating & sanitizing and corrosive fluids heating & cooling.

At the core of Magen’s product lines is the innovative Over-Molding Injection Technology which enables the manufacturing of seamless, leak-proof, integrally-molded thermoplastic units. Far more advanced than any other application in its field. This technology, a fully automated manufacturing process and a modular robust product design gives Magen a strategic competitive advantage.

The driving force behind Magen’s progressive and constant development of new improved products is its exceptional R&D team of creative engineers. As a result, Magen has an impressive portfolio of registered international patents and intellectual property assets.

Today, Magens’ brands: Heliocol®, Sunstar®, Calorplast® and Resilience® are considered to be the beacon of their industry, providing inspiration for many followers to come.


Magen eco-Energy quality policy:

Magen eco-Energy implements a quality control system that maintains the highest quality level according to the international ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Magen eco-Energy is committed to the environment and aspires to develop products that will reduce the consumption of perishable resources and promote the use of renewable energy. These processes are done with the utmost consideration to the environment and the demands of ISO 14001:2015 international standard.

Magen eco-Energy is always in direct contact with its clients, identifying their needs and expectations to produce the products that match their desires and requirements.

Magen eco-Energy and its employees are committed to work according to predefined procedures and specifications that enable the monitoring and control of production processes and quality.

Magen eco-Energy’s management and employees are responsible for the proper and efficient functioning of the system while maintaining the highest standards and products quality.

Magen eco-Energy is obligated to constantly improve to its client’s satisfaction.

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