Frequently asked questions

Can I install the swimming pool solar heating system by myself?

In order to ensure maximum system efficiency and full warranty coverage it is recommended that all the systems (except Heat- kit for above ground pools) are installed by Magen eco-Energy’s authorized installer.

Does the pool water flow directly in the panels?


Do I need an extra pump to push the water through the panels?

Usually not, most of the flow restriction come from the need to lift the water to the roof, so in high roofs booster pumps are recommended. Professional authorized installer will recommend if you need an additional pump or if the existing filter pump is adequate.

Can I drink the water that comes out of the panel?

It is not recommended to drink pool water. In general, all Magen panels are made from materials which have been proved as “suitable for potable water usage” and were tested by major international standards laboratories. For more data you may contact Magen’s official distributor.

Can I use the swimming pool solar heating panels to heat sea-water or salt water pools?

Yes, the materials which are used to construct the panels are 100% polymers which aren’t affected by corrosion nor salt water.

Why use a solar hot water system?

Because its saves a lot of money! Magen eco-Energy’s solar hot water systems can save 50 percent and more of your existing utility bills. With fast ROI and no on-going additional expenses – these are the most economical heating systems available today. Our solar systems are 100% environmentally friendly and simple to install.

Why buy Magen eco-Energy’s products?

Because of our indisputable reputation! Magen eco-Energy has over 40 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution of solar heating systems. Our products carry the longest warranty in the market and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Our staff is always available to provide full technical and marketing support.

It is not very sunny today; will a solar water heating system work?

Best performance of the solar water heating system is achieved with direct sun light; However, energy savings are guaranteed even on cloudy days thanks to a phenomenon called diffused radiation.

How does a solar system saves me money?

Owning a solar system means drastically reducing or even eliminating expensive heating utility bills. Our swimming pool heating systems will extend your swimming season while the saving continues, year after year. Magen eco-Energy’s solar systems are the most economical way to heat your pool or household water. Zero operating costs, virtually no maintenance, fast ROI and the longest and most comprehensive warranty ensures the savings will continue for decades to come.

How does a solar water heating system work?

Solar systems use the sun’s energy to heat the water flowing inside the absorber. The water, heated by the sun, is then transferred into a storage tank or a swimming pool. Water is continually circulated through the solar panels until they reach the desired temperature.

Does the solar system require maintenance?

A properly installed solar heating system should require very little, or no operation maintenance. However, washing the panels once in a while is recommended to eliminate dust settling which might decrease efficiency.

Will the polymer panel affect the water?

No! Our unique panels are made of compounded Polypropylene with special ultraviolet inhibitor additives to ensure no deterioration over time due to sun’s radiation. Magen eco-Energy’s polypropylene material is certified for use with potable water, as specified in US NSF-61, German, Swiss and British standards.

Will the system have to be removed from the roof when temperatures drop below freezing?

Not at all! Our solar collectors will not be damaged by low temperatures as long as there is no water inside them. The best way to deal with low temperatures is to empty the system from water. Magen eco-Energy’s solar water heating systems have a drain back system that can automatically deplete the water from the collector back into the pool when the circulation pump is not working. The collectors’ specially formulated Polymeric material can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

How do I purchase a system or receive more information?

Simply contact us: [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help in any possible way.

What is the life expectancy of the system?

Our solar pool heating systems have a demonstrated recorded life expectancy of over 25 years and have proven to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

What happens if the pool water becomes too warm?

This can be easily prevented by adding an automatic controller, which allows you to monitor your desired pool temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, your solar heating system will automatically turn off and start again when needed, to maintain the desired temperature. In some climates, the swimming pool can reach uncomfortable temperatures during peak summer months without a heating system. Our solar system can also cool the pool water by simply circulating the water through the collectors at night, for cooler water during the day.

Where can a solar system be installed?

Our solar collectors can be mounted on a range of flat or angles surfaces such as the roof, a rack, or a pergola. Nearly almost any surface area that is properly exposed  to the sun will work. Ideally our solar collectors should face south (or south east/west, but never north!) when installed in the northern hemisphere and north (or north west/east, but never south!)when installed in the southern hemisphere.

Will installing a solar system damage my roof?

Not if you use our individual tube design panel, which eliminates excessive water accumulation between the roof and the panel. Our solar collectors are affixed with a patented roof mounting pad, which minimizes roof penetration and allows sufficient mounting flexibility without scratching or harming the surface.

How many collectors do I need to heat my pool?

The area needed for a solar system to heat your pool depends on many factors such as: geographic location, roof orientation, pool configuration, local weather conditions and your heating requirements. Contact your local distributor to determine the exact size of solar system you will require.

What are the environmental benefits of Magen eco-Energy’s solar heat ing systems?

Water heating accounts for almost 30% of the average household’s energy consumption and climbs even higher in commercial or public facilities. Heating your pool water utilizing the sun not only saves energy; it also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that would have been produced while generating that energy. A typical household can reduce it annual greenhouse gas emission by up 4-6 Co2 annually. This is equivalent to 2785 liters (612 gallons) of gasoline or 12.7 barrels of oil.  Adding a solar water heating system will not only decrease utility bills but will contribute to environmental recovery.

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty covers between 7-12 years (depending on the type of panel) on parts manufactured at our facility. Our solar collectors are warranted against internal freezing, as long as they have been installed according to our installation guide and by an authorized distributor.

What does ISO 9001:2008 means?

Not many manufacturers have the privilege of acquiring the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certificate which is selectively given only to companies performing at the highest levels in their industries and have the ability to meet the strict requirements specified by this demanding standard. Magen eco-Energy is proud to provide its customers with high quality products that constantly meet the highest international standards.

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