Salt water chlorinators for inground pools

Naturally creates a safe and healthy pool environment

water chlorinators


Uses salt or minerals to sanitize the water

Salt chlorinator systems


On-going pool sanitation

swimming pool chlorinator


Eliminates handling and transportation of hazardous chemicals

water chlorinators


No more manual pool balancing

pool chlorine generators


No risk of contamination or chemical overdose

swimming pool chlorinator

Cost effective

Reduces expenses on pool chemicals and pool service

 Choose one of our robust, low maintenance salt water chlorinators systems for your pool today

Most suitable for
  • One button operation
  • Robust and reliable
  • Simplified LED indicators display
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor
  • Self cleaning cell and Turbo mode operation included
Most suitable for
  • New pools
  • “Non -technical” users
  • Pools supported by a poolman or service company
  • Maximum accuracy of chlorine production
  • Automatic salinity readings and out of range alerts
  • Totally sealed and splash proof
  • Ready for future add-ons and upgrade options
Most suitable for
  • Moderate pool users
  • Pool owners looking for future upgrades and add-ons
  • Clients searching for cutting pool service and maintenance costs
  • Fully automatic sanitizing system
  • Online monitoring and control of water balance
  • Ensures better water quality and reduces chemicals usage
  • No manual pool maintenance
Most suitable for
  • “Heavy” pool users
  • Peace of mind seekers
  • Savvy shoppers
  • Easy to install (even for the novice)
  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • Flexible for various installation options
Most suitable for
  • Replacements of existing unit
  • Retrofit installation
  • “Value for money” oriented customers

The benefits of using Magen eco-Energy’s natural salt systems for inground pools

Magen’s natural salt water chlorinators are the safest, most economical, natural and environment friendly disinfection systems for swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spas. Magen’s salt water chlorinators convert natural table salt into chlorine to sanitize the water while eliminating the negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine.

A low concentration of ordinary table salt is converted through low voltage in a safe electrolysis cell to a pure form of “free chlorine” that destroys algae and bacteria, and then reverts back into salt (sodium chloride). This sanitation process is continuous, eliminating the need to add any extra disinfecting chemicals to your pool.


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