How is it that our solar collectors can withstand extreme weather conditions?

Tens of thousands of Magen eco-Energy's solar collectors are installed around the world and have a proven life span of over 25 years. This includes enduring extreme weather phenomenon of various types and natures. All of Magen's solar panels meet the most strict international standards and certifications and undergo multiple and repeated tests, amongst them wind tunnels, to confirm their resistance in the face of extreme weather conditions. The popularity of the solar panels across the globe enables us to really test their endurance in a range of weather conditions, from Hurricanes in Southern USA to Cyclone storms in Australia - the solar collectors truly prove to us they can withstand Mother Nature.

What makes the solar collectors so robust is a combination of design, structure and material they are manufactured from. The solar collector is unified thermoplastic unit that is comprised from a mat of individual riser tubes that enable the roof they are attached to breath, prevent moisture build up and create a mechanical stability against the strongest winds. The unique mounting pads designed for the collector play a significant role in its endurance. Designed in the shape of a clamp they strongly attach the collector to any roof type and secure it to the structure. So….as long as the roof withstands the storm, so will the collectors.

Clients testifying about their solar panels are the most convincing - Shawn, one of our clients, residing in Florida, has experienced two serious hurricanes in the past three years: Hurricane "Matthew" in 2016 and Hurricane "Irma" in 2017. Shawn reports that despite the high wind velocities blowing through the region, the solar system is functioning perfectly and was not harmed, even when roof shingles and roof parts were flying all over during the strong storms - the solar collectors remained strong and firm on the roof.


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