Own an Above Ground pool? Great! SunSmile – solar heating collector was designed specifically to heat your pool.

Sunsmile will extend the swim season and enable you to enjoy warmer water for free.

You researched, checked, compared and eventually decided to pamper your family and purchase an above ground pool. Smart decision! The cost of an above ground pool is considerably lower when compared to building an in-ground pool. So is the time and resources involved in its operation. During July and August, the warm summer months, the pool is extremely popular and the entire family benefits from it. Unfortunately, beyond the summer months the kids protest that water is too cold for swimming and the pool remains unused. In March, April and even September and November there are plenty of sunny days. During the day the solar collectors with heat the pool water, in the afternoon the kids will be able to enjoy it.

Attaching a unique solar collector to heat pool water using the Sun's free energy, will enable warmer water and the extension of the swim season by a number of months. Magen eco-Energy developed SunSmile to fit all types and shapes of above ground pools. It is a simple to install and operate solar collector with an attractive price.

The solar collector can be positioned on a flat surface anywhere in the vicinity of the pool. A number of collector can be connected together to heat a larger pool. SunSmile is designed to provide optimal performance, it can be rolled and stored at the end of the season and easily and safely re-used during the next one.

Connecting SunSmile to the above ground pool is surprisingly simple. Quickly and intuitively, within minutes, it can be connected to any pool and heat the water. No special tools or additional costs are needed. This one time investment returns the fun to the pool - kids will not want to get out!

SunSmile can be purchased at the local distributor. It is advisable to consult seller regarding existing circulation pump.



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