How to reduce energy expenses by installing solar pool heating collectors

Every pool owner knows that next to the many advantages of owning a pool there are many worries that have to do with its operation and the cost of maintaining it. Traditional pool heating solutions may over the years incur expenses that can exceed the cost of building the pool. This may put in question the relevance of maintaining it. What is the solution? Reducing the expenses associated with the pool as much as possible amongst them the energy expenses. Installing a solar pool heating system saves money in the long run as it significantly reduces energy costs. Solar energy can replace expensive gas and electrical heating systems. Not only does Pool heating charges may decrease by up to 60% but it is all done using sustainable energy.

Gas is one of the most veteran methods of heating a swimming pool. It started in the commercial pool realm and eventually worked its way down to residential pools. Pool water is heated by the gas quickly and water temperature will significantly rise in only one day - but at what cost? The initial investment is in fact relatively low; however the operational costs are exceptionally high and can reach up to thousands of dollars monthly. In addition, this heating method requires infrastructure of gas lines which may be costly. Gas heating has a limited life span of 5 to 7 years whereas a solar pool heating system has an exceptional life span averaging at 25 years.

Another common pool heating method in residential pools is a heat pump. The heat pump uses some of the ambient heat outside to transfer it to heat pool water. It is much more energy efficient than gas pool heating but is limited when performing in colder regions. The heat pump has many mechanical moving parts that require maintenance and replacing. Its average life span is 7 years. Since Heat pump is operating by electricity, energy bills are exceptionally high.

Why not use an abundant free energy source (the sun) to heat the swimming pool? Why not significantly reduce the energy consumption and costs while using sustainable energy? First and foremost it is important to determine there is sufficient space around the pool for the solar collectors. Space should be equivalent to the pool size. Most pool owners use their roof for the installation. The systems' installation requires running pipelines and other expertise therefore should be installed by a professional. The return of investment is expected within 2 years and the system is will provide peace of mind and savings for many years to come.


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