Articles and tips about solar heating for pools

Solar pool heating collector vs. PV

Heating the pool water using the suns’ energy extends the swim season using a friendly, ecological heating system. This is why, in recent years,...

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All you wanted to know about swimming pool heating

Pool owners across the globe are familiar with this scenario: winter has long gone, spring is blossoming all around and summer is just around the corn...

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Windy regions and solar heating for pools

Winter may bring with it storms, strong winds and sometimes mega weather conditions such as hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones. Make sure that your sol...

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Preparing your pool solar system for winter – Get tips from experts

If you live in a region where there is a chance of sub-freezing temperatures it is recommended to make sure your pool solar system is properly prepare...

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When should I install a solar pool heating system?

When building a new house with a pool, preparing it for a solar pool heating system will cost you nothing and later will save you time and money. Buil...

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Don’t have a solar pool heating system? What can you do if the water is cold?

Many pool owners who don’t have  solar pool heating system are asking themselves “how come I live in such a warm area and my pool is still co...

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