Preparing your pool solar system for winter – Get tips from experts

If you live in a region where there is a chance of sub-freezing temperatures it is recommended to make sure your pool solar system is properly prepared for the winter.

The most important issue to verify is that the collectors are fully drained; to prevent damages resulting from the expansion of water while freezing. If your solar system is installed on an inclined roof you might already have AUTOMATIC DRAIN DOWN, which drains the collectors whenever the solar system shuts down.

We recommend checking with your pool solar system installer if you already have an automatic drain down feature installed in your system or make sure large amounts of air is sucked into the system when the solar system shuts off.

If the solar system Is installed flat, make sure to manually raise one of the headers of each panel so water can drain out of the system. If any water remains  in the collectors during freezing conditions, damage may occur to the tubes. Make sure to leave one valve of the circulation system open to avoid trapping air in the system.


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