Everything you need to know about Solar Heating for pools

Here comes the sun!

Our motto is simple: Why pay more? And why use your pool, which nurtures both your body and mind, only in the summer months? Our ideas are not just theoretical, they have been integrated into a smart, affordable, and economical array of products, which harness the sun’s energy to heat pools. These Solar Heating Systems which keep your pool at a warm & comfortable temperature deserve a round of applause. How does this technology work? First and foremost, what you need to know before installing this system is: Why is it worth it?

When the sun rises, the system kicks in! 

What is needed for this amazing system to work is sunlight, and solar panels. The solar panels absorb the sunlight, and its warming energy passes through narrow pipes set in the panels. While this is happening, the pool’s pump circulates water through the pipes to the solar panels and the water is automatically recirculated again and again, until it reaches the desired, previously determined temperature. At this time the pool is filled with warm water. 


The Holy Trinity: Location, Direction, and Size 

  • Location: In order to heat the pool, the solar panels must be placed on a flat surface, such as a roof, pergola etc., where they can be exposed to the sun.
  • Direction: Ideally the panels should face south, south-west, or south-east.
  • Size: The overall size of the panels is determined according to different variables, for example: the direction of the pool, its shape, the residential area, the direction of the roof, and size of the pool, etc. In this way you are guaranteed to utilize the sun’s energy to its fullest potential. 

Artificial Intelligence in the form of Solar Panels 

The automatic controller monitors water temperature and keeps the water at the predetermined temperature. If you prefer cooler water, you can easily lower the water temperature in the pool, by circulating the water through the panels at night.


Why is it advantageous to use a solar system?

Extending the swimming season

Using a solar heating system extends the swimming season and allows you to swim in warm water for at least 8 months of the year, and after investing considerable time and money and other resources in a pool, it is worth investing a little more to enjoy the pool as much as possible. 

Swimmers? You can enjoy an early morning swim as the sun rises and enjoy bathing in lovely warm water. 

The Family? The kids will thank you (and you will thank yourselves) when you give them a few more hours (and months) of fun in the water, extending into the evening hours. 

Feeling romantic? What could be nicer than a date in a lovely warm pool when it’s cool outside and the sun is setting? In brief, not only is it affordable and worth it, it’s lots of fun for everyone!

A Great money saver

Most people who choose solar heating for their swimming pool, do so for one main reason: they want to minimize the expenses involved with operating the pool. Solar heating saves at least 50% of water heating expenses and the reason for this is simple: After the initial, one-time payment for installing the system, the main resource for operating the system is…the sun! which is a completely free resource. In other words, this system is a huge money saver when compared to other heating systems, such as gas heaters or electric heating pumps. 

Green and environmentally friendly

Did you know that on average, the energy needed to heat household water is about 30% of the overall home consumption. And when energy is required for heating a pool - the percentage increases.
We recommend: GO GREEN! Use of the sun’s natural energy makes the solar heating system 100% environmentally friendly. Along with saving energy, using solar panels to heat the pool also substantially decreases emission of greenhouse gases produced by other heating systems.

Minimal maintenance

We have already mentioned that the panels “rest” under the sun while the circulation system works. Apart from the primary significance of heating the pool to your desired perfect temperature and the initial cost of installation, the maintenance of Magen eco-Energy’s solar pool heating systems is minimal and can be carried out once a season by the pool owner. In almost all cases there is no need for professional assistance. 

Durability and warranty

The Magen company has been a leader in the solar heating industry for over 40 years - and this is a well-deserved title. The Magen panels have been designed to last for up to 20-25 years! They can even withstand tornadoes, so you can feel secure knowing that no matter which panel you choose, you will receive a strong, long lasting, quality product that comes with a 10-year warranty.

Magen’s heating solutions

So now we know how solar pool heating systems work, you are ready to make an informed decision which of Magen eco-Energy’s solar heating solutions you need. 

Magen’s solar panels are manufactured in Israel and patented, and they meet the prestigious Quality and Safety Requirements of the Standards Institute (ISO 9001:2008ISO). This is granted to companies which meet the strict production and safety standards, worldwide.

Heliocol - The leading panel on the market.

Introducing Heliocol, the first, most popular, best-selling panel in the world, the leader in solar pool heating, which has been installed in over 80 countries throughout the world. So, what makes it such a best seller? The Heliocol panel has a patented modular structure which can be easily connected to any surface, regardless of size. The panel is durable and can withstand problematic weather conditions, strong winds or extreme pressure, and is suitable for all pool types.

Sunstar - Excellent for cold weather

This panel has been around for a long time. It is durable and resistant, even in cold, even below-freezing, temperatures. It is suitable for both private and public pools.

SunValue - Competitive and Attractive

SunValue is the “younger brother” of the two panels mentioned above, and is an attractive and affordable alternative, for private pools situated in relatively warm areas.

Eco-Spark – enjoying the “Greenhouse effect” in every pipe

The polycarbonate coating on the panel’s pipes, increases the thermal qualities and therefore is excellent for hydrotherapy pools where higher water temperatures are needed, and for public pools where the roof size is limited.

SunSmile - The perfect solution for a raised pool

This is the perfect panel for above-ground swimming pools such as 'Intex' and 'Bestway'. This is a classic DIY product, which offers a simple, strong, and fast connection to the pool, easily installed by you, without the need for a professional installer. It can be purchased in pool equipment supply stores, at a significantly lower cost than the other options above.

The panels are made of Polypropylene! What is this?

Magen's eco-Energy’s unique solar panels are made from a material called Polypropylene (a unique plastic) which is an extremely durable material which inhibits ultra-violet radiation. In order to obtain maximal strength and efficiency, we use a technology called “over molding”, which creates a strong thermo-plastic seamless unit with zero fail areas. In order to allow ventilation of the surface on which the panel rests, and protect it from damage, the panel is made with individual pipes which, in addition to providing uniform ventilation of the area, prevent cracks and panel distortion, enable proper drainage of rainwater, and ensure complete mechanical stability.

The bottom line: it’s simply worth it!

You’ve invested a lot of thought in planning, built a beautiful pool, and even added additional equipment to ensure that your pool enhances your health, and quality of life. Now is the right time for another small, but significant, one-time addition which will guarantee many more joyful swimming days!

Planning a house?

Ask your architect to include plans for solar heating for your swimming pool today!





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