Everything you need to know about our solar collectors

Magen eco-Energy's solar collectors offer an effective heating solution for residential or commercial swimming pools. The solar collectors absorb the sun's radiation to heat the pool water running through them. This process is ecological, ecofriendly and utilizes the Sun - a free energy source to extend the swim season and reduce energy usage and cost in the long run. In this article we will detail the differences between Magen eco-Energy's the various solar pool heating collector brands.

Our unique solar pool heating collectors are manufactured from Polypropylene, a durable thermoplastic material enhanced by a specially formulated UV resistant additive. The collectors are manufactured using a unique Over-Molding technology that creates one seamless thermoplastic unit that has no seams and is leak free. The different collectors are built from an absorption mat comprised of individual riser tubes. This unique design enables the roof to "breath", prevents distortion and cracks in the collector over time, allows rain to drain and creates exceptional mechanical stability.

Heliocol - the number 1 selling collector in the world has over 30 years of proven field experience. This collector has a modular design for quick connection between absorption mats on any structure with minimal size restrictions. Heliocol can withstand extreme pressures and weather conditions; it is perfect for heating all types of residential or commercial pools, seasonal or indoor pools operating year round.

Sunstar has also many years of proven performance on rooftops across the globe. It is extremely resistant to freezing conditions and strong winds and is suitable for cooler regions. Similarly to Heliocol, it is ideal for heating all sorts of pools - domestic or public.

SunValue is a relatively young in the market. Is offers similar performance when compared to its siblings at a competitive price. It is best suited for domestic pools with limited budget restraints and for warmer regions and climate conditions.

The three solar collectors described above can be labeled as the "exposed collectors", un-glazed. The eco-Spark is a unique exceptional solar collector since it is partially glazed by a polycarbonate cover. The glaze creates a "greenhouse" effect for each individual riser tube, enhancing the thermal efficiency of the solar collector. Due to the high energy output eco-Spark offers, it best suits hydrotherapy pools that need to reach higher temperatures, pools with limited roof space, hotels, or commercial pools with limited roof availability. eco-Spark provides an elegant, compact, esthetic installation and is perfect for cold, windy regions and pool open all year.

It is important to emphasize that when choosing the solar collector brand for your swimming pool it is essential to consult a Magen eco-Energy authorized distributor that will recommend the proper collector for your needs, considering geographical location, roof tilt and position, local weather conditions, pool design and required temperature as well as all peripheral pool equipment.



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