The importance of using a pool cover

In recent years the pool cover has become an essential part of pool maintenance and operation. Amongst some of its advantages are safety, water evaporation prevention and enhancement of the effectiveness of the sanitation process. Whether you are planning on purchasing a home with a pool or you are an experienced pool owner, it is time to respectively highlight the pool cover, its purpose and importance. A pool cover is a simple yet highly effective tool that can significantly upgrade the operation and maintenance of the pool and assist in its heating procedure.

What is a pool cover?

A pool cover is a plastic sheet or bubble like nylon that comes in a range of sizes, colors and types to fit most pool sizes and designs. The cover can by manually or automatically placed over the pools' surface. The purpose of the pool cover is to keep the water clean, to prevent children or wildlife from falling into the water and to keep water warm. Similarly to the "blanket" we cover ourselves at night; the pool cover can keep the pool water warm and during nighttime when ambient temperatures are colder, prevent the warmth absorbed during the day from escaping.

One of the most important roles of the pool cover is preventing pool water evaporation: as much as 75% of heat loss results from water evaporating during the day. The pool cover solves this problem by acting as a barrier between pool water and the atmosphere, when the pool is not in use, thus decreasing the evaporation process.

Solar pool heating collectors work hand in hand with a pool cover -

Magen eco-Energy's solar pool collectors offer a range of effective and economical solar pool heating solutions. The collectors absorb the sun's radiation and heat the water while flowing through them. This process leads to the extension of the swim season and for long term savings (when compared to other heating methods). The pool cover maximizes the solar heating efforts by containing the heat in the water and preventing water evaporation. This means that the initial water temperature during early morning hours is higher than it would have been without a pool cover. So, when the water circulates through the solar collectors, less energy is required to reach the desired temperature. The solar collectors are much more effective and pool water will reach perfect temperature quicker for longer.

It is important to emphasize that unlike our solar collectors that average a life span of 25 years, the solar cover will average 3 years before it requires replacing. It wears out due to the exposure to the sun and being in contact with pool chemicals.


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