Is Your Swimming Pool Safe from Coronavirus?

The excitement around public swimming pools in the height of Covid-19 focuses less on water quality but rather the increased risk of infection involved in social gathering. You are safer swimming at home. Interestingly, the matter of swimming pool health and water quality is one we should always be addressing, especially when pool owners have full control over how they choose to sanitize and maintain their swimming pools. 

When we turn our attention to swimming in residential pools we should be questioning the benefits of a salt water chlorinator system over chemical chlorinators, to better serve the health not only of the pool water but of those who will enjoy swimming in it.

What are the benefits of a salt water pool system?

  • The amount of chlorine generated by the Chlorinator can be controlled with the push of a button.
  • There is no health risk involved as there is when dealing with chemical substances.
  • The sanitization procedure may be the same as liquid chlorine disinfection or tablets, but without side effects like dry, itchy skin, burning eyes, stained bathing suits and strong chlorine odor.
  • Among the available sanitization systems on the market today, salt water pool systems offer an economical, safer and more natural swimming experience.
  • There is less maintenance - salt water pool systems distribute chlorine at a constant rate in the pool water when the pump is running. As a result, there are less fluctuations in chemical levels of the pool, which makes it easier to balance the pool water.

Salt water pool systems offer a healthier, time-saving, economical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional sanitization methods, and we also say goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin, strong chlorine odor and discolored bathing suits or even hair!  

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How does Magen's salt water pool system work?

The innovative natural salt water chlorinators use a low concentration of salt (less than the concentration of a human teardrop) and convert it into free chlorine that destroys algae and bacteria in the pool. 

Magen’s featured salt chlorinators for inground and above ground pools:

Resilience D - Digital, multifunctional salt chlorinators for pools

Resilience D Plus - Hands free pool sanitation system

Resilience E - Revolutionary in-line salt chlorinator for pools

AquaBlue Light - The ideal Natural Salt Chlorinator for above ground and small pools of up to 20 cubic meters, as well as for domestic Jacuzzis.

So, how to stay safe this Summer? 

First, choose a pool system that supports healthier living and saves time for what's really important to you. 

Second, stay home and swim off some of the stress we are all feeling from Covid-19.

Third, contact us with any questions or for a personalized quote to match your home and swimming needs.  

Enjoy safe, clean and healthy pool water with Magen eco-Energy


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