The role of the flow switch

Magen eco-Energy designed a special flow switch for its salt systems. This flow switch must be installed as part of all of Magen eco-Energy's systems! What is a flow switch? And why is its installation to crucial for the system's operation?

If water is not flowing through the pipelines or not enough water is flowing through the pipes hazardous gases may accumulate inside the cell, build up pressure that eventually may burst or melt the cell and the piping. The flow switch is designed to prevent such a scenario by allowing the device to produce chlorine only when sufficient water flow is detected in the pipeline.

For optimal results, the flow switch should be installed correctly: the flow switch MSUT be installed before the electrolysis cell. Make sure no other components are installed between it and the cell. The flow switch should be installed horizontally and MUST not be installed upside down. This may cause debris to settle inside the Tess and restrict the paddle movement. It must be positioned as instructed by the arrow sticker adhered to it marking the water flow direction through the Tee. Check that neither glue nor cleaning substance comes in direct contact with the paddle inside the flow switch, as this could cause it to stick.

In addition, the system should be installed in parallel to the circulation pump for additional protection of the device.


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