The function, role and operation of the electrolysis cell

The electrolysis cell's (electrode) role is to decompose the salt in the water to hypochlorous acid (HCIO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO). The process is performed by applying low electric energy to specially coated electrodes in the cell. The life span of the cell depends on its maintenance and number of working hours. The cell should be mounted after the filter and pool water heating system (if installed) and before any branching Tees in the return pipeline.

Magen eco-Energy's electrolysis cell is transparent, thus enabling periodical visual inspection for scale build up between the electrodes - a natural phenomenon that occurs in every electrolysis cell. Magen eco-Energy's systems have an advanced self-cleaning technology incorporated into them that assists in keeping the cell clean. We do however recommend inspecting the cell monthly. When scale is accumulated in the cell white granular deposits can be seen on and around the electrodes. The cell can be cleaned with the help of the acid dosing pump (if installed) or manually, by dismantling the cell from the pipeline and cleaning it with the supplied cleaning cap.

Cell cleaning can directly affect the salinity readings of the device and its operation so keeping it clean is crucial. Detailed instructions on how to clean the cell can be found in the installation manual. The following actions should be followed to extend the life of the cell:
• While cleaning the cell, sharp, metal objects must not be inserted into it. These actions may damage the thin precious coating of the plates and void the warranty
• Protect your clothes and body while handling acid.
• Make sure children do not have access to the area where acid is stored.
• Always add acid to water NOT water to acid
• To extend the life of the cell, reduce the chlorine production level or reduce the number of working hours of the device when pool not in use.


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