The differences between our various chlorinator models

Disinfecting the pool with salt is an efficient, comfortable, cost effective sanitizing method that has been used for many years mainly in Australia, Europe and the US.
Magen eco-Energy manufactures and sells purification systems for all types of pools. Before we "dive in" to the differences between the various models we shall first explain how a salt chlorinator works:
A salt chlorinator or sometimes as it is referred to a salt chlorine generator is a simple device, installed above water level on the pipeline after the filter and back towards the pool. A low concentration of salt in the pool water becomes active chlorine that destroys organic matters in the water. This is executed by a process called electrolysis - applying exceptionally low electric voltage that converts the salt in the water to active chlorine that destroys algae and bacteria. After the water is disinfected, the active chlorine converts back to salt and the cycle begins again. The salt that converts to chlorine is responsible for the clean, sanitized pool water. It is important to note that once a year salt must be added to the pool and water should be balanced.

Amongst the many advantages of the salt chlorine generator its safety should be highlighted - there is no risk of chlorine over dose, or dealing with hazardous substances; in terms of cost effectiveness, the use of a chlorinator, significantly reduces the expenses of chemicals to treat the pool, thus eliminating the common side effects associated with them such as itchy skin, red burning eyes. In this article we will explain the difference between the various chlorinator models that Magen eco-Energy offers for residential pools of up to 150m3:

Resilience D -

The system is most suitable for moderate pool users, those who are looking to reduce their dependence of service companies and individuals, clients who are considering the option of upgrading to an advanced model in the future. The device presents data on a digital LCD screen where the salinity levels, chlorine output, alerts and warnings are displayed. Resilience D is designed to accurately produce the chlorine levels it was programmed to and alerts if the levels are out of its defined range. The chlorine generated by the device automatically varies when the pool cover is open or closed. The device is splash proof and sealed so it is suitable for outdoor or indoor installations. The chlorinator comes in three models fitting various pool sizes.

Resilience D Plus -

is a more advanced device that is suitable for "heavy" pool users that want to enjoy the pool more than to maintain it. Pool owners that are seeking the peace of mind they deserve. This digital chlorine generator is fully automatic sanitizing system the monitors, controls and balances pool water independently. With easy to define pH and ORP set points and no manual pool maintenance to perform Resilience D Plus will ensure water is safe and clean for you while you comfortable and safely swim.

Resilience E -

"All-in-one" compact unit that saves time and handling. Resilience E was designed to ease and optimize the pool owner and operators job. From the simple and quick install up to the easy maintenance this is truly a user friendly chlorinator! A straightforward display shows the various chlorine output levels, maintenance and service alerts. And will notify when cell requires cleaning or if salt levels in the pool is too low. Have a variable speed pump installed? Resilience E can handle these with ease! With a replaceable cartridge for quick cleaning or replacement this chlorine generator if perfect for every home owner. Available in three sizes to fit pools up to 150m3.
Resilience C - is an effective pool water disinfecting chlorinator that is best suitable for those who prefer not to deal with technological devices, seeking a simple, robust, 4 button operated generator. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, similarly to all the other Resilience salt chlorinators it has a self-cleaning feature and is extremely robust. Model is available in two sizes.

AquaBlue Light -

self installed, compact salt chlorinators that is perfect for above ground pools, spas and Jacuzzis of up to 20m3. This "plug and play" device does not require any expertise or tools to install. Just attach to the pool, plug it into the socket and it will sanitize your pool at a constant chlorine production rate. AquaBlue light perfectly visually integrates with any above ground pool, keeping a clean esthetic line. With a durable UV resistant case AquaBlue light is ideal for DIY installs for above ground pools.


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