Everything that you need to know about a dosing acid pump

The dosing acid pump has dual function: first and foremost, when required, it infuses acid into the pipeline to balance the pH levels in the pool. The dosing acid pump's other role is when the circulation pump is off, to insert acid into the cell to clean the electrodes from scale deposits accumulating on and between them.

In the Resilience D Plus device constant monitoring of the pH levels values is performed. When the system senses that the pH levels in the water are decreasing than the desired set point it will activate the dosing acid pump and balance the pH in the water.

When installing the dosing acid pump, the acid container must be placed inside a spill container vessel so it cannot fall or leak. The acid pump should NOT be installed higher than 1 meter from the acid container and the tube leading to the container must be as short as possible. Under no circumstances should the machine room be used to store equipment, furniture, sports gear or any other items that are not related to the pool including spare acid containers. It is also important to make sure the machine room is properly vented prior to entering it and to avoid damage from acid vapors. It is crucial to make sure children do not have access to the acid container or the dosing acid pump.

What should we focus on when maintaining the dosing acid pump?
- Protect your hands, eyes and clothes before touching the dosing acid pump.
- Changing the internal tube and check valve of the dosing acid pump every 180 days or at the beginning of the season is essential to the proper operation of the pump.
- Use low concentration acid when possible (20%). If needed, dilute the acid in the container.
- ALWAYS add acid to water NOT water to acid

Have a safe, clean, comfortable swim!


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