Water treatment systems

Magen eco-Energy’s natural pool water sanitation systems are the safest, most economical, natural and environment friendly purification systems for swimming pools, Jacuzzis and Spas. 

Magen eco-Energy’s salt systems sanitize pools by electronically converting low concentrations of salt in the pool water into natural chlorine that kills algae, bacteria and viruses, and then reverts back into sodium chloride. This sanitation process is natural, continuous, hands free and eliminates the need to add any extra disinfecting chemicals to your pool.

Statistics prove that homeowners who shifted into electrolysis based sanitation systems do not revert back into liquid chlorine pool sanitation. The simplicity of Magen’s systems, the safety levels and the economic savings in pool chemistry maintenance are the key success behind this technology.

The unique benefits that Magen brings to its customers are the flexibility in design, quick response to local requests and required adaptations as well as the widest range of units that can fit any type of customer preference.

Magen keeps updating its portfolio and its existing line of products with new features that serves the simple demand of each and every pool owner – convenience of use, safety and value for money.

Magen ensures that its units meet the strictest internationally applicable standards; all units are a 100% tested at maximal operation conditions for 24 hours before shipment. Magen has full traceability of the units due to Magen’s ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Investing in a pool demands maintenance and care that go hand in hand with enjoying it. Magen eco-Energy’s natural salt chlorinators and pool managements products will decrease the time spent taking care of your pool leaving more time to enjoy it.

State of the art production line, 40 years of experience and top quality customer service will enable you to enjoy your pool and Spa knowing that the automated processes purifying and sanitizing the water are reliable and trustworthy.

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