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Resilience C – A simple, dependable robust salt chlorinator

Saltwater Chlorinator - Resilience C

Salt chlorinators or sometimes referred to as salt generators have become popular devices to sanitize pools over the years. Some pool owners choose not to use chemicals in their pools while others just want to make the cleaning process somewhat easier and safer. This is exactly the reasons why salt chlorinators were developed in the first place. Chlorinators use small amounts of dissolved salt in the pool water to create free chlorine that disinfects the pool. Since the origin of the free chlorine is based on a natural substance (salt) the sanitation process is natural eliminating the side effects associated with chlorine originated from chemicals. The difference can be truly felt by swimmers and the overall swimming experience significantly upgraded.

Resilience C is a natural salt chlorinator developed for home owners wishing to install a simple, easy to operate device. This analog, modest, dependable salt chlorinator offers reliable pool sanitation, leaving time to swim, soak and relax.

Resilience C comes fitted with a 4 button operation , works at a wide range of ambient temperatures and water salinities, Totally sealed and splash proof as well as fitted with a built in winter protection mode making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations. Based on 15 years of proven field performance this robust salt chlorinator will transform your swim into the ultimate swimming experience.

Unique Features

salt water pool


One button operation

salt water pool maintenance

Maintenance free

Self-cleaning and boost mode operation included

salt water chlorinator


Based on 15 years of proven field experience

saline swimming pool


Totally sealed and splash proof

water chlorinators


Works at a wide range of ambient temps and water salinities

Salt chlorinator systems


Built in Summer and Winter protection modes

Choosing the correct cell model for your pools size:

Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
18k / 50m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
40k / 80m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)
Maximum Pool Size (Gal/Lit)
60k / 150m3
Chlorine Output (Lb/24h)

*In order to choose the most suitable model of pool sanitation system in the event of heightened chlorine demands (such as warmer climates, high bathers load, etc.), refer to the recommended values of a larger pool size.

Resilience C is certified by:

  • certification-3
  • certification-4
  • cuslisth

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