pool solar heating- heat-kit

DIY swimming pool solar heating system

For above ground pools, spas and Jacuzzis

swimming pool solar heating - heat kit

You dreamed of having a pool available right outside your door. You decided to invest in an above-ground pool for a quick lifestyle upgrade for the entire family but the kids are complaining the water is too cold and rarely use it.

Investing in electric or gas based heating system that will incur additional expenses will no longer make the lifestyle investment as appealing and cost effective as it seemed to begin with. But there is another solution! One that is environmentally friendly, cost effective and efficient! Why not use the Sun’s free energy to heat pool water using a solar pool heating system? Heat-Kit was designed exactly for that. It is a modular; compact solar heating collector that anyone can assemble position and connect to any above ground pool.

Heat-Kit was designed to efficiently absorb the sun’s radiation to heat pool water circulating through it. Its’ assembly and connection does not require any tools and takes only a few minutes. It is a maintenance free product that can be easily dismantled and stored when not in use. Each kit contains 2 panels that if required, can be simply coupled with additional panels for a higher energy output. Heat-Kit is DIY solar pool heating at its best! To truly enjoy what your pool has to offer, it requires purchasing one Heat-Kit system and after only three simple steps you will be able to enjoy your pool longer and extend the swim season.

  • Installs in a few minutes
  • Absorbs sun radiation to heat pool water
  • No special tools required
  • No maintenance
  • Connects to existing equipment
  • Fits to any pool design
  • Easily stored in winter
  • Modular - each kit contains 2 panels
  • Kits can be coupled for a higher energy output
Solar collectors
Solar collectors

Solar in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect pipe A from the pump’s outlet to the first panel’s inlet
  2. Add additional panels, as needed, according to the sizing chart
  3. Connect pipe B from the last panel’s outlet to the pool’s inlet
solar pool heating

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