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The differences between our various chlorinator models

Disinfecting the pool with salt is an efficient, comfortable, cost effective sanitizing method that has been used for many years mainly in Australia, ...

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Own an Above Ground pool? Great! SunSmile – solar heating collector was designed specifically to heat your pool.

Sunsmile will extend the swim season and enable you to enjoy warmer water for free. You researched, checked, compared and eventually decided to pamper...

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Everything you need to know about our solar collectors

Magen eco-Energy’s solar collectors offer an effective heating solution for residential or commercial swimming pools. The solar collectors absor...

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The role of the flow switch

Magen eco-Energy designed a special flow switch for its salt systems. This flow switch must be installed as part of all of Magen eco-Energy’s sy...

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The function, role and operation of the electrolysis cell

The electrolysis cell’s (electrode) role is to decompose the salt in the water to hypochlorous acid (HCIO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO). The ...

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Everything that you need to know about a dosing acid pump

The dosing acid pump has dual function: first and foremost, when required, it infuses acid into the pipeline to balance the pH levels in the pool. The...

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Commercial pool winter heating expenses

The cold season has arrived, commercial pools are beginning to experience the burden of operational and energy consumption costs. This is exactly the ...

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Swimming season has ended – what should I do with the pool water?

When cooler temperatures return they mark the end of another swim season. Pool maintenance occurs mainly during summer when the pool is used the most;...

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Solar pool heating collector vs. PV

Heating the pool water using the suns’ energy extends the swim season using a friendly, ecological heating system. This is why, in recent years,...

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Different methods to purify and disinfect pool water

For most of us, a swimming pool is considered the ultimate recreation facility – it cools us during warm summer days, provides quality time for ...

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